JWoww to Pose for Playboy

by The $@bs


If you haven’t seen enough of her giant fake tatties (not) bouncing around the Jersey Shore and Miami, you’re in luck. Jenni Farley, aka “JWoww”, is close to signing a deal to pose naked for Playboy. (Gee, who didn’t see that cumming?)

She reported that the “…final offer is standing. Hopefully, it will go through.” Playboy has offered her $400,000 for a fully nude spread. (And by spread, of course I mean her legs.) However, JWoww’s contract with MTV may prevent her from posing naked for the men’s entertainment mag.

All of that could change if she finds new work. She recently stated that she’s declined two reality show offers from NBC and is holding out for her own show with “Snooki” which, according to “Snooki”, would be, “Us living together and trying to make a living“. Translation: continuing their trashy, debauched, alcoholic, ho-bag lifestyle…